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The jardini arowana for sale, scientific name Scleropages Jardini, is also known by the common names: Australian Arowana, Australian Pearl Arowana, Silver Barramundi, Northern Barramundi, Arowana Scleropages, Gulf Saratoga.


Jardini Arowana for Sale


In the captivating world of ornamental fish, few species possess the majestic allure of the Jardini Arowana. With its distinctive appearance, vibrant coloration, and unique behaviors, the Jardini Arowana has captured the hearts of aquarium enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. From its fascinating physical traits to its remarkable history, the Jardini Arowana stands as a true gem of the aquatic realm, enticing both seasoned aquarists and newcomers alike.

The Striking Presence of the Jardini Arowana

Known scientifically as Scleropages jardini, the Jardini Arowana boasts a remarkable appearance that makes it an instant centerpiece in any aquarium. Its elongated body is adorned with large, shimmering scales that reflect light in a captivating manner. These scales are often accented with shades of gold, green, and black, giving the Jardini Arowana a distinctive and eye-catching look. Its streamlined form and graceful movements further enhance its overall elegance, evoking a sense of aquatic grace.

A Historical Glimpse into the Jardini Arowana

Originating from the freshwater habitats of Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, the Jardini Arowana has a rich history deeply intertwined with the cultures of these regions. In its natural habitat, the species has been revered for its symbolic significance and cultural importance. It’s considered a symbol of strength, longevity, and prosperity, often associated with local legends and myths.

The Fascinating Traits of Jardini Arowana

Beyond its visual appeal, the Jardini Arowana possesses unique behavioral traits that set it apart from other species. Known for its curiosity and intelligence, this fish often interacts with its surroundings and responds to changes in its environment. This behavior can make for a captivating and interactive aquarium experience for enthusiasts who are keen on observing and engaging with their aquatic companions.

Caring for Jardini Arowana

Providing proper care for a Jardini Arowana requires attention to detail and a commitment to creating a suitable environment. These fish can grow to impressive sizes, sometimes exceeding three feet in length. Therefore, a spacious aquarium with ample room to swim and explore is essential. The water should be kept within a temperature range of 78 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, mimicking their native tropical habitats.

A balanced diet is crucial for the well-being of the Jardini Arowana. These carnivorous fish thrive on a diet rich in protein, consisting of live and frozen foods such as insects, crustaceans, and small fish. A varied diet ensures they receive the necessary nutrients to maintain their vibrant coloration and vitality.

Ethical Considerations and Conservation

When seeking a Jardini Arowana for sale, ethical considerations and responsible sourcing are of utmost importance. As with all ornamental fish, it’s crucial to acquire these fish from reputable breeders and dealers who adhere to ethical and legal standards. This helps support conservation efforts and ensures the well-being of the species.

In Conclusion

The Jardini Arowana is a living testament to the mesmerizing beauty that aquatic life can bring to our homes. With its distinctive appearance, cultural significance, and engaging behaviors, this species has rightfully earned its place as a coveted gem in the world of ornamental fishkeeping. However, to fully appreciate the magnificence of the Jardini Arowana, one must also commit to providing the proper care and attention these creatures deserve. By embracing responsible ownership practices and supporting conservation initiatives, enthusiasts can enjoy the splendor of these aquatic treasures while contributing to the preservation of their natural habitats.


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